01 director


He loves the fine arts but he graduated in Mechanical Engineering and found the vocation of the designer. He gets to know the world of composite materials in 2002, he immediately falls in love with it and will never leave it again. He acquires a solid knowledge of materials and processes thanks to several years spent in the Research and Development departments but also in structured sectors such as Aeronautics and Automotive.
Alessia Nardinocchi
Roberta Accorsi

02 process developer


Graduated in Architecture, she began her work experience as soon as she finished her university studies. After a few years in the world of Architecture and Interior Design, he decides to enrich his training by seeking a new experience in the completely innovative composite sector. The knowledge she possesses allows her to deal with more creative activities, Style and Design, and more technical activities, design of Industrial Plant Layouts.
Gianluca Catalucci

03 mechanical designer


Mechanical Engineer graduated from the Polytechnic University of Marche with which he collaborates for several years after graduation. He shares the thought that: “The engineer cannot bury his mistakes in the grave like doctors, nor can he turn them into thin air or blame judges like lawyers. He cannot, like politicians, pour mistakes on opponents hoping that people will forget. The engineer simply cannot deny what he has done and is condemned if the work does not hold up” (Hebert Hoover).
Gianpietro Sebastiani

04 material test expert


Graduated in Chemistry, from a passion for plastic materials, born during secondary school, he gained years of experience in a materials analysis laboratory focused on composite and metallic materials. Known sectors: Automotive and Aeronautics.
Gianpietro Sebastiani

05 r&d operator


After several years of experience gained within the Mechanics and Electromechanical sectors, he acquires transversal skills that allow him to enter a long journey in hydraulics. He trains his mind in and out of work, thanks to its pragmatism and decisiveness. Finally, he decides to embark on the world of composite materials, the sector par excellence between craftsmanship and industry, and to start a new path with a young and dynamic team.

06 teseo co-bot