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Carbon Mind is an engineering company specialized in the field of composite materials. We follow our customers from the idea to the production process and product design, up to testing and approvals.

Carbon Mind is an innovative SME, active since 2016, specialized in the materials sector advanced composites.
We are a product and service development center and we work through physico-chemical engineering assessments and analyzes of composite and metallic materials. Internally, we make use of an area intended for carrying out and monitoring small and full scale mechanical tests, and a test laboratory equipped with equipment and systems advanced technology for control (visual, dimensional and weight control, ultrasound) and research projects.

Each solution is tailored to the requests of our customers, often very diversified. We carefully choose the materials and select ad hoc processes to ensure you a competitive advantage on the composite materials market.
Starting from the product concept up to the prototype and industrialization of the production process, Carbon Mind offers a variety of services for a 360° design.


Advanced + Product Design

Our Design and co-design service starts from the development of concepts and sketches, passes through the mechanical design of production equipment, up to the simulation of the behavior of the product and the molds in the industrialization phase.

Laboratory testing

Upon completion of the design activities it is necessary to validate the product and the identified process. Carbon Mind is equipped with a laboratory dedicated to mechanical tests and physical-chemical tests to validate your products or new materials.

Prototyping + Small series

It touches the results of the CAD design first-hand and creates new products from scratch, which whether prototypes or small series.

Generating New Ideas. Solving Big Problems

Since 2017 we have been dealing with solving small and large problems ranging from the most traditional solutions to the most avant-garde ones. We make our know-how available to guide you to the best result. We design, prototype and test to create products from scratch.


R&D Projects

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Ongoing Projects

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All the services offered include as a first phase of work the knowledge of the customer’s needs and the acquisition of the brief, in order to be able to provide the best solutions for the requested requirements.

Subsequently, the process is articulated according to the requests, in the creation of structural or aesthetic components in the form of prototypes, in the drafting of test plans, if it is a test request, which take place in full compliance with current legislation.


Carbon Mind has been selected by the Marche Region to receive the contributions foreseen in the regional calls for industrial development.

Promotion of research and development in the fields of smart specialization


Support for business start-up, development and continuity in areas of production crisis

Support for business innovation processes and the use of new digital technologies in the SMEs of the Marches


Support for the competitiveness of Made in Italy through the development of “application areas innovative” for the purpose of revitalizing the production chains affected by the earthquake

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