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Project "XForms - Product development through the application of a production process with a high degree of sustainability for the advanced composite materials sector"

The XForms project involved the study and development of an innovative production process in the composite materials sector, with a high degree of industrial sustainability with reference to the state of the art of current production processes.

The new production process applied to the product makes it possible to achieve products characterized by a high standard of energy sustainability and an environmental impact much less than the current composite production chain.

The technology selected for production, Tailored Fiber Placement or T.F.P., in fact allows the carbon fiber to be deposited where it is needed to reinforce certain sections, and therefore lighten and/or optimize the geometries, following topological analyzes on the product.

The result was presented at JEC 2022 as a new product: the longboard cruiser EXA93.

POR MARCHE FESR 2014/2020-AXIS 1-OS 1-ACTION 1.1-INT. 1.1.1- Promotion of research and development in the fields of intelligent specialization
Application for participation: 19217

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Project: "HASP - High rate Solution for complex CFRP product" Solution for the rapid development of complex CFRP products

HASP is a project aimed at introducing technological, process (lower environmental impact in terms of energy consumption) and product innovation in the sector of advanced carbon fiber reinforced composite materials.

The project was born following research and experimentation conducted in the local production chain of reference given the opportunity for growth and the intrinsic differentiation of the system local production.

The innovations introduced have had an impact on energy savings, savings on raw materials, reduction of manpower hours and reduction of production waste. The technological innovation concerns the industrialization of two stations which, in the production line, replace the traditional piece care machinery (e.g. press) revolutionizing the heating/cooling methods of the molds.

The solution identified made it possible to facilitate heating and cooling of the production equipment, minimizing the inertia of the molding support.

Composition of the Partnership
Carbon Mind Sri – Nano-Tech SpA – Meccanica H7 Srl – 2D1M Srl
co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund
Support for the competitiveness of Made in Italy through the development of “innovative application areas”, for the purpose of revitalizing the production chains affected by the earthquake: Application for Participation: 17220

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"Support for business innovation processes and the use of new digital technologies in MPMI Marche"

The project, in line with Carbon Mind’s growth strategy, envisaged the creation of a dedicated area to experimentation/prototyping and an internal laboratory, dedicated to carrying out tests.

The areas have been equipped with technologies, equipment and software, so as to allow the start-up to verticalize its services and become competitive on the composite market.

The development plan, in line with the development paradigms of the national industry programme 4.0 envisages:

  • tangible investments: anthropomorphic robot equipped with the appropriate sensors and a workstation for the operator;
  • intangible investments: mechanical design software, simulation of new ones production processes and/or optimization of existing processes, software for process monitoring and access to the results of design and experimentation

POR MARCHE FESR 2014-2020 – Axis 1-OS 1-ACTION 1.3
“Manufacturing and Work 4.0: process support to Corporate innovation and the use of new digital technologies in the Marche SMEs”.
Application for Participation: 13737

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"Support for business start-up, development and continuity in crisis areas production”

Carbon Mind, through the following investment project, has strengthened the offer, adding prototyping and testing services to the already existing engineering services.

The laboratory created thanks to the investment has been equipped with the most suitable equipment to offer a complete range of services for the technological characterization and qualification of raw materials, semi-finished and finished products.

The funded project guaranteed the startup industrial competitiveness in terms of support from the initial design, through 3D prototyping, to the creation of components in composite material.

Support to Start UP-Pratond Piceno projects
POR MARCHE FESR 2014-2020 – Axis 3- OS 7-ACTION 7.1

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"Success for the project realized by CARBON MIND"

The company shows its latest project at the World Endurance Championship in Sebring (USA).

Carbon Mind, a start-up founded in 2016 in Ascoli Piceno, is today a solid reality active in the field of advanced composite materials. Whether it’s Research and Development, innovation, testing or product design, Carbon Mind, with competence and ingenuity, is ready to respond to the toughest challenges.

Today it is an innovative SME that, thanks to the passion of its technicians and a laboratory dedicated to mechanical and chemical-physical tests, transforms the ideas of its customers into successful finished products.

Ahead of the start of the FIA World Endurance Championship (WEC) season in Sebring (USA) on 17 March 2023, Carbon Mind in collaboration with the Automobile Club De L’Ouest (ACO), which organizes the 24 Hours of Le Mans, has designed a new measuring platform that will be used to verify the compliance of the cars of competitors to the technical regulations of the discipline.

The structure, entirely made of carbon fiber, will follow the technical commissioners of the ACO in the various stages of the FIAWEC championship ( and will then be assembled and dismantled several times during the season; Low weight and easy assembly were the key elements for the success of the project.

    THE RESULT: compared to the previous model, the new platform designed by Carbon Mind allows a total weight reduction of 40%, a reduction in the transport box volume of 20% and a better assembly sequence. These results have enabled the ACO to achieve an important objective: the reduction of the carbon footprint on the environment.

    In fact, the reduced weight and volume made it possible to reduce the pollutant emissions related to transport.

    Thanks to the close collaboration with HP Composites SpA, which has manufactured the composite parts with the experience and craftsmanship that has always distinguished it, Carbon Mind has achieved a success that, between technological innovation, Efficient use of materials and advanced features, will accompany the company towards future challenges.

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      "A remote expansion: implementation of online communication and sales channels for lead and sales generation"

      The project involves a series of investments that will be able to make significant changes in the setting of the sales relationship with the customer and improve/increase the incoming flows of leads and sales, i.e. acquire and generate interesting contacts that can become sales both online that offline.
      The general objective of this project is to carry out a paradigm shift in Carbon Mind supported by different tools and activities that leads to a more natural and effective way of selling, based on a digital transformation of all commercial processes.

      The advantages that the company will have at the end of the project are:

      1. opening of e-commerce sales channels and improving Carbon Mind’s online positioning to generate incoming leads and sales (online and offline);
      2. acquisition of new customers and opening of new businesses with international suppliers and customers;
      3. improvement of the company’s online coverage at a national and international level by optimizing the marketing tools available;
      4. consolidation of the nerolegero (R) brand and corporate storytelling.

      POR MARCHE FESR 2014-2020 – ASSE 8 – AZIONE 21.1- INT. 21.1.1
      Support for productive investments with the aim of relaunching economic growth and competitiveness