About Us

About Us

Carbon Mind proposes innovative solutions to meet the production needs of the composite materials sector.

Starting from the definition of the product style and going through prototyping and testing, Carbon Mind gives the opportunity to run a development project for any composite product with the design of the production process.

Carbon Mind is an ideas incubator. The starting point for those who want to do something in composite. Be it a concept or an object to be produced in series.


Alessia Nardinocchi


She loves the fine arts but she graduates in Mechanical Engineering and finds the vocation of the designer. She knows the world of composite materials in 2002, she immediately loves it and she will never leave it again. . She acquires a solid knowledge of materials and processes thanks to several years spent in the departments of Research and Development but also in structured sectors such as Aeronautics and Automotive.

Roberta Accorsi

Process Developer

She graduated in Architecture she began her work experience soon after completing his university studies. After a few years in the world of Architecture and Interior Design, she decides to enrich her education looking for a new experience in the field of composite materials, completely innovative.The knowledge in her possession allows her to deal with more creative activities, Style and Design, and more technical activities, design of Layout of Industrial Plants.

Fabio Carucci

FEM Analyst

His passion for Finite Element Design leads him to deepen his studies in Mechanical Engineering in Belgium, where he develops a greater predisposition for FEM Analysis. Back in Italy, he entered in the world of composites as FEM Analyst, following further in-depth courses on the subject and specializing in thermal, structural and CFD studies. In parallel, this path allowed the development of excellent qualities in 2D and 3D technical drawings.

Gianluca Catalucci

Mechanical Designer

Mechanical Engineer graduated from the Polytechnic University of the Marche with whom he collaborated for several years after graduation. He shares the thought that: "The engineer can’t bury his mistakes in the grave like the doctors, nor can he transform them into thin air or blame the judges as the lawyers. He can not, like politicians, pour errors on opponents hoping that people will forget. The engineer simply can not deny what he has done and is condemned if the work does not stand " (Hebert Hoover).

Gianpietro Sebastiani

Material Test Expert

Graduated in Chemistry, from a passion for plastic materials, born during secondary school, he matured years of experience in a material analysis laboratory focused on composite materials and metals. Known sectors: Automotive and Aeronautics.


Carbon Mind uses the collaboration of a network of companies, accredited and qualified, which allows it to expand its range of services.
Polo dei materiali compositi
Ecodime Italia
HP Composites


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